Hey there! Now many of you might know this, but I just got done with a huge move. Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 4.29.17 PM   And I’m not going to go into details for why, but I had to pack and move in a week and a 1/2. We got trucks to help us move and we saw that they recommend a 8 week moving plan on their website… more like an eight day moving plan! Thankfully, we homeschool – so we took a few days off to learn about “organization skills”. Here are a few tips that saved our very stressful move. 1. Putting all clothes into trash bags 34262a99276a5c0475a3893174bbc752 This is a lifesaver – no need to put all those clothes into boxes! Just bag them and leave the hangers on. 2. Numbers and Listing



I numbered all the boxes and wrote them down on a piece of paper so I know exactly whats in all of the boxes. Which comes in handy for directing what rooms the boxes go into. 3. Jewelry



I actually used a watch to group them altogether, but a empty roll of toilet paper works too! Then I could put it into a box without having to worry about them going everywhere. 4. Necklaces and Earrings

I put my nice necklaces into straws and put them into baggies so they would be even safer and tangle free. I also did a variation on this poking the ends of my earrings through the straw to keep them in one place and not loose. Hope these help with your move! Till next time, Toodles! Coco

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