6 Room and Bathroom Organization and Decor Tips

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Hey there!

One of the most exciting parts of moving to a new house, in my opinion, is decorating! I love finding new ways to make my room bright, colorful, stylish, and organized. I have made a list of just a few of my favorite bathroom and room decor and organization tips.

1. Shoe rack

I think a shoe rack is an essential to having an organized room. I hate having my shoes all over the ground in my closet, so I found a beautiful metal and bamboo shoe rack on sale for at Costco for $30. (This is about the right price range for a shoe rack, they range from about $20 to $50) I put it together and voila! It looks amazing and holds my shoes great. Totally worth it!

The shelve put together

The shelf put together

(The link to a similar rack I got is at the bottom. This one is a two pack, so it is more, but I kind of wish I saw this one at Costco because I want more of them in my closet!!) You could also use this as a nightstand, a little shelve to hold office supplies, all of that.

Could be a nightstand, a show rack, or a place to hold office supplies, or books.

Could be a nightstand, a shoe rack, or a place to hold office supplies, or books.

2. Bins

Bins are a super easy way to organize all of your stuff together. I have them on shelves, in bathrooms, and in my closet. I would recommend them to anyone, especially someone who has a ton of socks (aka me).

I use them to hold my scarves, socks, and pretty much everything. They also fold up for easy storage!

I use them to hold my scarves, socks, and pretty much everything. They also fold up for easy storage!

I bought mine about 2 years ago and they still look brand new! I couldn’t find the exact ones I have, but Martha Stewart has a ‘Fabric Drawer’ that looks like mine. (The link to Martha Stewart’s bins will be at the bottom)

3. Wall shelf

Why waste all that space?? I purchased a Pottery Barn wall shelve a couple years ago and it still looks brand new!

Great shelve -  it can even play my music!

Great shelf – it can even play my music!

I use it as a radio/alarm clock holder, and it also holds all my books – love it! I couldn’t find the exact one, but I found one on PB Teen that looks kind of similar. It takes about five minutes to hang and looks great after – I still get compliments from it! (The link will be below)

4. Mirror

Everyone needs a hand mirror, wether it be for makeup or for fixing your hair, it comes in handy. Target has them for about $5 dollars. (Link below) I hate having mine underneath the sink – A couple years ago I had a leak in my sink and I had to throw it away because it fell apart from the water :-(. So now I have it hanging up on my wall so it is 1. Easily accessible and 2. With it hanging, I don’t even have to hold it when I need two hands!

Super easy to do!

Super easy to do!

All you have to do is put a nail in the wall and boom! There you have your hand mirror hanger.

5. Blowdryer hook

Recently, while visiting family, I saw that my aunt had a blow dryer on a hook. Very simple indeed, and very useful to people who use their blowdryers a lot. I took a closer look and all it was was a Command® hook on the side of her cabinet and her blow dyer hanging from a small hook on the dryer.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 3.32.17 PM

Seriously thats it! I loved the idea and would use it at home, but I don’t usually blow dry my hair, so I store it under my sink until I need it next.

6. Tiny Decor Tip

This one is simple, yet elegant and I love it. All I have a ribbon ornament hanging on my room door and it looks amazing! I love the look and the ribbon fits perfect around the handle so it doesn’t fall off – Yay!

Link to similar one below

Link to similar one below

If you have an ornament that you like, that isn’t too bulky, feed ribbon through the opening at the top and ta-da! I think it looks great.

Comment your thoughts and pictures and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

Till next time, Toodles!



Costco Shelve: http://www.costco.com/Seville-Classics®-3-tier-Bamboo-Multi-Purpose-StorageShoe-Rack-2-pack-Includes-6-Shelves.product.11679096.html

Martha Stewart Bins: http://www.homedecorators.com/detail.php?sku=0244210660&aid=google.push&cm_mmc=SEM%7CHDC%7CG%7CPLA&gclid=CjwKEAjw-8ihBRD2t9qT3NaW7igSJAD3_sNVXmM17vksUj2EZAi_B591pADOAftcJysLOwD2aY2juxoCD-Lw_wcB&kwid=productads-plaid%5E80964389299-sku%5E0244210660-adType%5EPLA-device%5Ec-adid%5E50677889659

PB Teen Wall Shelf: http://www.pbteen.com/products/beadboard-large-bookcase/?pkey=cshelves-hooks&group=1&sku=3446317

Hand Mirror: http://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=hand+mirror&category=0%7CAll%7Cmatchallpartial%7Call+categories&lnk=snav_sbox_hand+mirror

Ornament that looks kind of like mine: http://www.amazon.com/Butterfly-Holiday-Christmas-Ornament-Crystals/dp/B005NB6DZ2/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1412630855&sr=8-11&keywords=heart+ornament

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