Rocktober! DIY Scary Monster Door

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Hey there! So I was on Pinterest a couple days ago and I saw a DIY Monster Door. I looked at it, and decided that it would look great on one of my room doors! So, here is how you make my DIY Monster Door.

First, you will need,

A trash bag


2 Paper Plates

Black Colored pencil / Pen

Sheet of white paper

Lets get started! The First thing we will make for the door is the eyes. Get your 2 paper plates and flip them over to the backside, or where it is completely white. Then, draw circles and fill them in with a black colored pencil or pen.


Next, the hair. Get your black trash bag and cut it in half so it is no longer a bag. Then cut the bag so that it matches how wide the door is.


Then cut his hair how ever you like. You could do a 16 year old Justin Bieber haircut, or whatever you like. I went with a Frankenstein sorta hairstyle. Then, hang it up over your door and tape the back of it.

Next, the mouth. Take the other part of the cut trash bags and cut a straight line. Take the straight line and put it up on the door where you think the mouth should be.

Then, cut out teeth. I made my monster a vampire, so I cut triangle teeth out and put them on top of the mouth. Also, because I did a vampire, I pulled out the red pull tab from the trash bag and cut out little drops. I’m not into gory Halloween. Its only cute stuff at my house. No sculls or bones or anything creepy like that, but I thought that the red drops made it look a little more vampireish.


I put tape up on the back of the drops and put them up below the teeth. Then, I cut out tiny triangles and put it on the ends of the teeth.

I added some stitches with the leftover trash bag and taped that up there as well.

TA-DA! There you have your Scary Monster Door!


Also, with the leftover trash bag, I tried to make a Pirate Monster Door too!


Comment if you try the project, and make sure to subscribe to see more!

Till next time, Toodles!


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