School – English Livesaver

Hey there!

First of, let me just tell you that what I have found, and what I am going to share with you today, is a life saver.


I use this all the time for school. I love to write. I write essays, poems, starts of books (I have a hard time ending them), blog posts, presentations and more. But my one issue is the word “Said”.

Said is my writing downfall. I am continually on a thesaurus, looking up words to say instead of “said”. Then, one day, I was on Pinterest. I was scrolling and then I saw it. My english lifesaver! “Said is Dead – so how did they say it?” This picture gives you examples of different things to say instead of said. Are they saying it full of worry? How about quaked or trembled? Take a look at this picture!

Picture from:

Picture from:

I love it!  Be sure to comment and subscribe to see more like this!

Till next time, Toodles!



P.S. For those of you who are asking, yes I do have a Facebook page! If you search Homeschoolapalooza I will come up.

🙂 Have a great day!

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