Rocktober! DIY Yarn Pumpkin

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.30.57 PM

Hey there! I was looking in my craft box for hot glue yesterday (for a project I will post soon 🙂 ) and I stumbled upon a tiny ball of orange and green yarn. It has been in there for a while and I decided to finally do something with it. And what better way to use a tiny ball of yarn to make a cute Halloween desk decoration? I just finished unpacking my desk and it looks fantabulous with this Halloween decoration.

So first, what you will need:

A string of orange yarn (About 2 yard)

A string of green yarn (About 1 yard)

2 Googly-eyes

Lets get started!

You start the pumpkin the same way you start my DIY Dryer Balls.

First, wrap the yarn around your middle and your index finger 10 times.


Then, slide the yard off of your fingers and wrap the yarn 10 times around the middle. It should look like this:


Then continue to wrap it the yarn around and around tightly until you have a tiny ball. Leave about a foot left un-wrapped. Do NOT tie the knot yet.

Then, I took the green yarn and did steps 1 and 2 (until it looks like a bow) and then wrapped it around the bow until it is a cylinder-ish shape.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.09.53 PM

Here’s where is gets a tad tricky.

Put the green yarn at the top of your orange yarn, where the “stem” would be. Then, while holding the green yarn in place, wrap the orange yarn around the green yarn all different directions making it secure at the top.

Tie a knot or tuck it under another piece of yarn to hold it in place (You could also glue it down).

Then, glue your googly-eyes to the front of the pumpkin.

Ta-Da! You now have your cute pumpkin that you can use for desk decoration, along with whatever you can think of!


You could even decorate the pumpkin if you wanted to! I found a witch hat and a broom so I stuck that with him as well.


Too cute! He looks great next to my desk supplies 🙂


Comment if you try the project, and be sure to follow to see more like this.

Till next time, Toodles!


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