The Perfect Bookmark!

Best bookmark Ever!

Now that it’s winter, I dream of snuggling up with a soft blanket and reading in my bed all day. So I made the *Perfect* bookmark for those kinds of days. It is super simple and would be a great gift for teachers and yourself!

First, cut 2 strips of paper in two different colors.

Best bookmark Ever!

Glue one color together so it looks like half of a square. Then put one of the other color next to one of the other color so it looks like this:

The best bookmark!

Then put the last piece next to the lonely strip. Glue it together. Then fold the one of the 2 original pieces down so it looks like:


Then, fold one after another till it looks like:

Sorry for the Shadows!

Sorry for the Shadows!

Continue to fold them until:

Best bookmark Ever!

Cut off the extra little pieces and glue it down:

The best bookmark!


Best bookmark Ever!

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XOXO, Coco

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