20 Gifts Under $10!

20 DIY Gifts Under $20!

Hey there! Now that Christmas season is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about gifts! I like to give DIY gifts to people because it is a much more personalized gift, and I feel like it is more from the heart. I have found TONS of great ideas for DIY gifts and today I am going to share with you 20 great DIY gifts under $10. Let’s get started!

1. Personalized Candle! This is super cute for the candle lover in your life.
20 DIY Gifts Under $20!

2. DIY Handwarmers! Everyone loves to have warm hands when it’s cold outside!

20 Gifts Under $20!

3. Marbled Looking Mug – for the coffee or tea drinker.

20 Gifts Under $20!

4. Lotion Bars – Nice for when your hands start to crack in winter!


5. Dotted Sharpie Mug – Another cute idea for that tea drinker in your life!

20 Gifts Under $20!

6.  Silhouette Wall Art – For that friend you have no idea what to get them!

20 Gifts Under $20!

7. Cute Scrabble Coasters – Cute for anyone!


8.  Bath Bombs – I can’t think so someone who wouldn’t want this!

20 Gifts Under $20!

9. DIY Playdough – for the kids!

20 Gifts Under $20!

10. Tea Bags – It’s supposed to be for valentines, but hey! It would still be a super cute Christmas Gift!


11. Etched Spoons – Super cute for the cook in the family!

20 Gifts Under $20!

12.  Mint Body Scrub – Even I want a jar!

20 Gifts Under $20!

13. Metal Weekly Calendar – Cute idea for cooks!

20 Gifts Under $20!

14. Lotus Flower Jewelry Holder – Cute Idea for Moms!

20 Gifts Under $20!

15. Send a Hug – A cute gift from kids to Grandparents

20 Gifts Under $20!

16. Letter For Boys Room – Cute for boy Toddlers!

20 Gifts Under $20!

17. DIY Magnetic Putty – Cute for the scientist in your home!

20 Gifts Under $20!

18. Excuse the Mess Sign – Cute for the family!

20 Gifts Under $20!

19. DIY Terracotta Votive – Cute for that Candle lover!


19. Easy Burp Rags – For the Lady with the Baby

20 Gifts Under $20!

20. Cute Deer Towel – I want one!!

20 DIY Gifts Under $20!

Hope you like them! Be sure to comment and to follow my blog 🙂

XOXO, Coco

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