10 Best White Elephant Gifts! (Gags!)

10 Best White Elephant Gifts!

Hey there everyone!

Do you ever just get those couple days where you are out of your groove? That is how these past 2 weeks have been! Some AMAZING things have been happening, and you will see that if you follow me on social media, that I have been posting on there but not on my blog. I dunno, I just felt like ‘blah’. Thats the only way to put it! But now I am back in business baby! I promise that I will post more than 2 posts a week this time around! Anyway, lets get back to the post 🙂

Here are my favorite 10 White Elephant Gifts!

1. Cold Hard Cash – the super simple gift!


2. Signed Picture of Giver – The fast, funny gift!


3. When Life Gives You Lemons – funny and who doesn’t want a box of Life Cereal!?


4. Fish and Chips – if you can find a cheap, live fish!


5. Holy Toast – even I want a toast with the face of Mary on it!


6. Manatea – this would be cool being in your cup even if you weren’t using it for tea!


7. Gift not included – A classic!


8. Pigs feet – cheap, gross, and an all around good white elephant gift!


9. Bacon Toothpaste – everyone wants bacon flavored toothpaste!!


10. “All I got was this mug” Mug! – My personal favorite!! You could buy this, or you could make it yourself!


I hope you like this list! In case some people are confused, a White Elephant Party is where everyone exchanges any kind of gift thats worth 5 – 10 dollars. These are super fun parties to throw! Have a great White Elephant and Merry Christmas!!


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