What You Loved from 2014!

Homeschoolapalooza New Years!

Hey everyone! I decided that today I wanted to see what my favorite and least favorite posts of 2014 were – I was actually really surprised!

But, before we get started, I want to say that 2014 was Ah-MAZING! For real! I have been super blessed and I know that it will only go up from here! I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for me 🙂

Of course, making a blog was on the top list of awesome things that happened in 2014!

Homeschoolapalooza New Years!

I got accepted as a designer at Darby Smart!

Darby Smart Kit!

This year truly has been amazing, and I hope it has been amazing for you too!

Your favorite posts from this year (In the 3 months my blog has been founded)

1. 15 Best Subscription Boxes! Wow!! In the 2 days that this has been published, it has surpassed my previous top page by 5 views! That’s a close one 🙂


2. DIY Personalized Candle – This was one of my favorite too! ❤ You know what they always say, great minds think alike!!


3. Free Gift Tag Printable – For the holidays, but hey! A New Years Gift might work too!


4. 20 Gifts Under $10 – Another holiday post, but this would work great for New Years, birthdays, Valentines, etc.


5. Travel Towel – I am actually using this right now on the trip I am on! Lifesaver!!


Here were the top posts from 2014 – enjoy!!! I hope you really have an amazing 2015 and be safe!!!


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Please share it in the comments below.  I always love hearing feedback from you – so go ahead! Tell me what you are thinking!

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