FREE Chalkboard Background!!

(**Sorry everyone for the late post – WordPress didn’t feel like working with me today 😦 )

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying yourself in 2015 – this is going to be the best year ever! I was looking for some new quotes to turn into decor, and chalkboard backgrounds kept popping up. I love the look of chalkboard as a background and think that it is super unique, but have always searched for a copyright free image of it! As I was cleaning my garage the other day, I saw a old chalkboard that had years old paint chalk on it.

It was ruined!

And as I was going to throw it away, I wondered if I could use it for a chalkboard background for quotes – and guess what? It works!! Here is an example of my chalkboard with a quote on top of it:

Awesome right? The only thing I ask is that you don’t sell this 🙂

Now, you might love this look, but don’t have a chalkboard on hand (like most), but thats okay! Because I present to you:

A FREE chalkboard image! Thats right – it’s FREEEE that means, NO copyright, NO watermark, Nothing! You can use it to create things to sell, hang in your home, whatever you want! It’s yours as soon as you download it! Awesome right??

All I ask is that you pretty please follow my blog, comment, and follow me on social media! 🙂 That’s it!! ❤

I hope that you are having a super duper awesome 2015 – I know I am!!

XOXO, Coco


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Please share it in the comments below.  I always love hearing feedback from you – so go ahead! Tell me what you are thinking!

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