365 Photography Challenge!

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Hey everyone! This year I am doing the 365 photography challenge, and thought about how awesome it would be to have someone doing it with me! So I created a 365 photography challenge for you to do with me this year!! Super exciting right?? I am going to be posting January’s photo challenge now (Better late then never! 🙂 ) and February’s in late January.

If you are interested in doing this challenge with me please use the hashtag #theHSPchallenge when you post your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. Then we can all connect with each other!! 😀

And if you haven’t started your challenge yet, its okay! You can start tomorrow or next week – whatever you are comfortable with! Just be sure to use the hashtag #theHSPchallenge when you post your pictures.

Okay! First up, the January Challenge!

January 1st – Family

January 2nd – Painting(s)

January 3rd – snow (or something cold!)

January 4th – lights

January 5th – flowers

January 6th – handmade

January 7th – dinner/food

January 8th – purple

January 9th – people

January 10th – nature

January 11th – tomatoes

January 12th – mornings

January 13th – love

January 14th – coffee/tea/Starbucks

January 15th – sea

January 16th – friends

January 17th – bird(s)

January 18th – tree

January 19th – culture

January 20th – memories

January 21st – travel

January 22nd – health

January 23rd – water

January 24th – yellow

January 25th – new

January 26th – vintage

January 27th – blue

January 28th – fortunate

January 29th – running/exercise

January 30th – work

January 31st – freedom!

I can’t wait to see all your pictures!! Remember – use the hashtag #theHSPchallenge !!

XOXO, Coco


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5 thoughts on “365 Photography Challenge!

  1. What a great idea Coco! I wish I could commit to the 365 but unfortunately know myself too well and don’t want to fail! I will come back and participate though I promise! Looking forward to co-hosting with you again this month!

    Wishing you a lovely day!
    Much love,
    Lysa xx

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