5 Must Read Books of 2015

First off, I love to read! I am always looking for a good hard cover book to read. There is none of that e-book shenanigans going on at my house! This pretty much sums up what I am saying:

So, I have picked out for my favorite 5 non-fiction books for you! Comment below and tell me if you are going to read, or have read these before! These are all such awesome books and I know you will love these as much as me!!


1. Unbroken


What it’s about: (SPOILERS!!!!)

In May 1943, an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific and quickly sank, leaving behind only two survivors bobbing helplessly in the restless seas. One of them was Louis Zamperini, a 26-year-old airman who had overcome a troubled past to become an Olympic athlete. After 47 perilous days adrift on a raft, Zamperini and his companion survivor were rescued by the Japanese navy. He remained a prisoner of war until the end of hostilities. This riveting narrative by the author of Seabiscuit is the story of one plucky man. Now ninety-three, Louis Zamperini lives on. (from Barnes & Noble)

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2. You Can You Will


What it’s about: (Spoilers!!)

World-renowned pastor Joel Osteen wants you to know that you were created to accomplish your goals, to be fulfilled, and to leave a lasting mark on the world. In You Can, You Will, Joel will reveal the eight personal and spiritual principles that will help you achieve God’s divine purpose for your life. As you put these principles into action, you will see God’s blessing and favor in new and amazing ways.

Now is your time. This is your moment. You’re talented enough. You’re smart enough. God made you that way. You are not lacking. You’re fully equipped.

Everyone has a winner inside them. It’s time to break out the winner in you! (from Barnes & Noble)

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3. Yes Please

What it’s about: (Spoilers!!)

If Amy Poehler felt any pressure to live up to the success of best friend Tina Fey’s Bossypants, you wouldn’t know it from reading her assured, revealing, and above all, hilarious debut memoir. In these essays, she reflects on succeeding in the comedy scene as a woman, finding success in a cutthroat industry, struggling with fame, facing doubt, and becoming a mother. She tells her story with the candor and honesty you’d expect from the woman who created the unflappable Leslie Knope. (From Barnes & Noble)

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4. What I Know For Sure

What it’s about: (Spoilers!!)

“When you put out comes back all the time, no matter what….Worrying is wasted time. Use the same energy for doing something about whatever worries you….You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script….” When film critic and friend Gene Siskel asked Oprah, “What do you know for sure?,” Winfrey didn’t brush off it as a pesky question; she answered it in breathtaking, memorable ways. This beautifully packaged hardcover gathers together her essays, arranging them by themes with which her millions of fans can identify: joy, connection, gratitude, resilience, power, possibility, clarity, awe. A major book by a legendary living icon. (from Barnes & Noble)

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5. Agenda 21: Into the Shadows by Glenn Beck

What it’s about: (Spoilers!!)

In this sequel to Agenda 21, nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck and co-author Harriet Parke laid out the terrifying scenario of a dystopian post-America where individual will melts before the all-powerful Republic. Caught on the prongs of this insidious dictatorship is Emmeline, a brave young woman who has already lost her mother to its invisible rulers. Unwilling to slip into passivity, she, her partner, and her infant escape to begin a search for others who might also strive for freedom. A compelling read for genre fans and Beck’s many fans. (from Barnes & Noble)

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I know you will love all these books!! Remember to comment below and tell me if you are going to read, or have read these before!  🙂

XOXO, Coco


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