4 Top New (Awesome!) Companies To Start Using Now!

4 Awesome Companies To Start Using Now!

Hey everyone! Okay, you probably have heard of Ship You Enemies Glitter – the company that had overnight success and now has thousands of orders to respond to, but have you heard of some of these other awesome companies?

1. Ship Your Enemies Glitter – Yes this is for real!


Oh yes – this happened! Ship Your Enemies Glitter started on January 13th!!! And has already had thousands of orders of people sending the people they loathe glitter, because let’s be honest, glitter stinks. That stuff gets everywhere! I hate touching glittery cards and tissue paper because it gets in my carpet and its near dang impossible to get this stuff out! This company will send an address you tell them a envelope bursting to the seem with glitter – a glitter bomb! It will go everywhere – and there is also a note inside telling the enemy why they got the glitter bomb (the note has glitter mixed in for maximum glitter impact). Although malicious, this company sure is doing well!

2. Suja Juice – Yum!


This company is all about organic! Suja is taking healthy juices to the next level – they cold-press their juices to get the most amount of nutrients in them, a process that many other juicing companies don’t do. Suja also tells you how to make your own Suja juices, with the recipe they used right on the side! This company sure is doing awesome!!

3. Craftsy


This company is all about crafting!! Crafts has hundreds of classes for you to take on knitting, sewing, drawing, painting, woodwork, photography, and more! Perfect for anyone!!

4. The Honest Company


This company is all about natural, non toxic products for their consumers! This company sells diapers, personal care products, cleaning supplies, etc. This company really is  awesome!!

To be honest, Suja is probably my favorite out of all of these, I buy their drinks every single time I go to Whole Foods – they are to die for!!

Tell me if you use or have used any of these other products – and your thoughts on Ship Your Enemies Glitter!

XOXO, Coco


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12 thoughts on “4 Top New (Awesome!) Companies To Start Using Now!

  1. Hi Coco,

    I must admit that I am half tempted to send a glitter bomb but to a good friend I know because she would find the humor in it all. The only thing stopping me is knowing I would get one in return and that stuff makes such a mess. You can never really clean all of it up…

    I am going to go check out the juice company as my 15 & 13 year olds are obsessed with juices these days.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the Honest Company. I follow Craftsy on Facebook, they have the greatest patterns, and I have been wanting to try the soju juice….Keep up the good work….

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