DIY Lightbox!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.52.16 AM Hey there everyone!! Do you ever take photos on carpet or on a hardwood surface and think “how do people in commercials get their products to have a white background??” because I do. Well, actually I did, because now I have my own shadowbox to take photos in!! This super simple tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about making your own shadowbox!! MORE AFTER THE JUMP Let’s just jump right into this awesome project!

You Will Need:

4-8 Plastic Bags

1 Large Cardboard Box

1 Stapler

1 White Poster Board

Step 1: Cut the box out like below on three sides.

DIY Shadowbox!

Step 2: Get 4 – 8 plastic bags (depending on size of your box – mine is about 3 feet tall) and cut the bags on the sides so it is as long as it can be. Staple or tape 2 of the plastic bags onto the top of the box, so that it completely covers the top. IMG_3697

Do you notice something different about this picture? MY BED IS MADE! Yay! Step 3: Staple or tape 1 plastic bag on the two open sides, but NOT the front. IMG_3703

This plastic bag isn’t covering the whole box – only till half way – this is okay! Remember to do this on both sides! IMG_3700

^ This is one side 🙂 Step 4: Get a white poster board. Staple this to the cardboard, so that when you look at the one side that is cut open but not covered with a plastic bag you see the white poster board. Be sure to staple down the poster board on both the top and the bottom! IMG_3492

Step 5: Get a lamp and place it so that it shines directly over the white board through the plastic bags. If you have 2 lamps place it in front of the product, so it will look like this! IMG_3715

Step 6: Place product on the white poster board and take pictures!! They will turn out super amazing – here are some samples  😀

IMG_3727 IMG_3510

This is a super awesome way to take photos without having carpet or a hardwood table in the way – I hope you love this as much as I do! Be sure to tell me if you try this awesome project!!


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