10 Best things to do in Las Vegas!

10 Best things to do in Vegas!

Hey there everyone! Today, I am going to tell you the 10 best things to see in Las Vegas! Vegas is a really cool city to visit, and can be a great family vacation (yes kids can have tons of fun here too!) – here are my favorite things to do in Vegas, besides the obvious gambling!

1. Dolphin and Tiger habitat in the Mirage – You can hang out with dolphins AND tigers!!

The Mirage - Secret Garden - White Tiger with stripes

2. Zip-line on Fremont Street! – It’s actually SlotZilla 🙂 This is the BEST tourist attraction in my opinion! They have bands playing, the dome above you lights up, and sometimes people dump CASH on you! Yeah thats right! CASH! I got like $15 dollars last time I was there! YAY!


3. Botanical Gardens in Bellagio – This is sooo cool!! It is so amazing what they can do with these flowers!! Look at this!



4. Fountains in front of Bellagio – fun for everyone! The fountains are so beautiful!


5. Shark Reef Mandalay Bay – this is one of my favorites!


6. Springs Preserve – fun, but also educational!


7. Stratosphere Rides – fun for the adventure lover (and the one with no fear of heights!) 🙂



8. Circus Circus Adventure Dome – This is one of my least favorite casinos in Vegas, but the roller coasters inside are super fun!


9. Hiking at Red Rock – this is probably my favorite not very touristy attraction.


10. Volcano at the Mirage – This volcano EXPLODES! How awesome is that?


I hope you like these! Be sure to comment and to follow my blog!

XOXO, Coco

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