Free Gift Tag Printable!

Free Gift Tag Printable!

Hey there! So it’s Winter time and that means that it’s almost Christmas season – my favorite season of all! So I have created some great gift tags for you to use for all those gifts you will wrap. I love these tags because they are super cute and I think they are just so pretty and elegant. It’s also nice that they are way cheaper than buying gift tags!

All these super cute graphics are from Angie @ angiemakes. A round of applause for her – these are BEAUTIFUL! Be sure to check out her blog :-).

First, the Merry Christmas Tag:

Merry Christmas Tag!

Free Gift Tags!

Free Gift Tag Printable!

Free Gift Tag Printable!

Happy Holidays tag!

Here is the 2 document forms of the gifts 🙂 :

Gift Tags! and Gift Tags #2!

I hope you like them – all you have to do is click on the document and then press print! You can delete and duplicate whichever tags you want 🙂 Be sure to comment and follow my blog!

Comment if you want more gift tags!

XOXO, Coco

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